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Auto accidents: 2 buses with 50 children in unreported crash

Some parents in Hawaii Island are unhappy about the manner in which two school bus drivers handled the situation when they collided. When auto accidents occur, and there is any possibility of injuries, one would expect the drivers to alert authorities. However, when two buses that belong to the same company recently crashed, the drivers did not even advise the school of the accident.

Reportedly, both buses, each with 25 students, were heading in the same direction on Queen Kaahumanu Highway when the one rear-ended the other. The drivers failed to call police or emergency services and ordered two replacement buses instead. One parent heard his daughter speak on her phone to a friend on the bus, and he immediately called his son who was also a bus passenger.

Premises liability suit could follow child's fall from 2nd floor

Owners of apartment complexes and other residential buildings in Hawaii must comply with strict regulations to prevent injuries to tenants and visitors. Noncompliance could lead to premises liability claims. When a 4-year-old child was seriously injured after a recent fall from the second floor of a home, the importance of safeguarding windows of multi-story buildings was underscored.

Officials say this was not an isolated incident. Similar accidents occur several times every year, and records indicate that the average number of children age 5 and younger who are treated for fall injuries every year is 33. A pediatric surgeon says children's heads are the biggest and heaviest part of their bodies, making them more vulnerable to suffer head trauma. However, falls from heights greater than eight feet are particularly dangerous and could lead to fractured bones, internal organ damage, skull fractures and even paralysis.

Don't let your world come crashing down due to pedestrian crash

As you take a stroll, you naturally feel as though you do not have a care in the world. However, all of a sudden, a car comes from around the corner and strikes you, knocking you down. Suddenly, your whole world changes, with your carefree morning turning into a worrisome one.

Far too often, pedestrian accidents occur in Hawaii due to the negligence of drivers. Unfortunately, these types of accidents can lead to serious physical injuries as well as financial scars. However, if you have been hurt in a pedestrian crash, you have the right to seek justice.

Auto accidents: Father of 3 dies in motorcycle vs. pickup crash

A fatality on Aug. 24 marked the 24th vehicle-related death in Hawaii so far this year -- excluding four fatal crashes that occurred on non-public roads. At the same time last year, auto accidents had claimed the lives of 15 motorists. This latest accident involved a pickup truck and a motorcycle.

According to a police report, a 28-year-old pickup truck driver was southbound on Highway 130 when she made a left turn onto Highway 132. However, she allegedly failed to yield for a northbound motorcycle who had the right of way. On the motorcycle was a 39-year-old man of Pahoa.

SUV driver dies in one of many fatal Hawaii auto accidents

By this time last year, 15 motorists had lost their lives on roads on the Hawaii islands. A recent death in Kailua-Kona brought the fatalities from auto accidents so far this year to 23. The Hawaii Police Department reported that an investigation into an alleged negligent homicide is underway.

An accident report indicates that the crash occurred on Highway 190 on a recent Thursday afternoon. Reportedly, a 48-year-old woman from Kailua-Kona was northbound in a pickup truck when she veered across the center line. It entered the lane of southbound traffic and collided head-on with an SUV.

Hawaii property owners tasked with public safety duties

Property owners in Honolulu and other areas in Hawaii have a duty to protect the safety of the public in and around their premises. Tourists and residents are entitled to pursue premises liability lawsuits if they should suffer harm due to the negligence of a property owner. It would only be natural for you to expect public areas to be safe, but potential safety hazards could be anywhere -- often where you would least expect them.

Hazards can be present on busy sidewalks, in parking lots or inside buildings. Uneven or slippery walkways or floors, potholes in parking lots, or cluttered exits are all potentially dangerous areas that can cause life-changing injuries. Further hazards come in the form of robberies or assaults, many of which could have been prevented had the property owners provided sufficient security measures to protect public safety.

The risk of auto accidents along Oahu North Shore

Officials in the Hawaii Tourism Authority say the concern is growing about the saturation of vehicles on certain roads to popular destinations along the North Shore. Their records indicate that five million visitors came to Oahu in 2016. Many of the visitors travel to hot spots on the North Shore such as Laniakea Beach, where the failure to upgrade local roads causes significant threats of auto accidents.

Local business people say the lack of legal parking is a major problem. It causes motorists to park illegally on road shoulders that are not wide enough to accommodate parked vehicles, often sitting on the edge of a steep drop to the beach. A car falling over the edge onto the beach covered with people will not be the first -- it has happened before.

Moped safety tips may help keep you safe

Many Oahu residents may have had their eye on a scooter or moped for some time. Now that you have one of your own, you likely cannot wait to hit the open road and feel the thrill of the ride. Whether this outing will act as a new experience or you have been out several times, you certainly want to ensure that you remain safe while on the road.

Scooter operators can face many risks while traveling due to the smaller size of the vehicles and the lack of protection mopeds provide. Unfortunately, if you are involved in an accident while driving your moped, a high potential exists that you could suffer serious injuries. Therefore, you will undoubtedly want to take steps to protect yourself as best as possible.

Premises liability lawsuit might follow death in elevator car

Being trapped in an elevator is likely one of the subconscious fears of many people. Tourists or residents of Hawaii may wonder about the safety regulations related to elevators in multi-story buildings. While cities may have different codes, most will require elevators to have alert systems operational for emergencies that may include a switch to activate an alarm along with an intercom or phone system. Further requirements may include connecting the alarm to the building management, police or fire department.

If only these measures were in place, the death of an 82-year-old grandfather in another state might have been prevented. On July 5, the man -- who started showing signs of dementia and occasional disorientation -- left a nursing home on an errand and never returned. Almost a month later, on Aug. 2, the decomposed body of the beloved grandfather was discovered in an unused elevator in a parking garage of an apartment building no more than a mile away from the nursing home.

Premises liability lawsuits can follow slip-and-fall injuries

Property owners and managers in Hawaii must ensure that the public will be safe inside and outside the buildings they manage or own. To avoid premises liability lawsuits, they must develop effective programs to control safety exposure. Landlords and tenants of commercial properties must inspect premises regularly to identify situations and circumstances that can threaten the safety of the public, and then address those issues appropriately.

Premises liability lawsuits frequently follow slip or trip-and-fall accidents that happened on slippery surfaces due to uncleaned spills of liquids, polished stone or high-gloss finished floors. Unmarked changes in elevation, uneven surfaces and surfaces with holes or other signs of disrepair are equally hazardous. Poor lighting in walkways and stairwells can also cause falls with devastating consequences.


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