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Honolulu says texting pedestrians can cause auto accidents

Authorities in Honolulu say mobile phones are modern devices with many advantages, one of which is sharing thoughts and happenings with others as they happen. However, although these gadgets can bring people together, some of the disadvantages include bringing cars and pedestrians together in a way that may cause serious injuries. Authorities are concerned about the high number of auto accidents that seem to be caused by pedestrians who fail to take proper care while they are texting.

The Honolulu City Council passed a bill that was drafted after consultations with the city's police department, and the mayor will announce the implementation date. The bill will prohibit the use of electronic devices, such as cell phones, video games and paging devices, while a person is walking along or crossing Honolulu streets. This may reduce the number of incidents in which motorists and pedestrians are injured due to distractions.

How to make the best of a parking lot accident

One of the great things about Hawaii is that the weather is perfect throughout the year. This brings tourists from all points of the U.S. and from around the world to Honolulu for world renowned shopping and dining experiences.  

The greater the number of drivers making their way to shopping venues, the likelihood of parking lot accidents rises. Because of this, drivers must be additionally vigilant. Even with this, accidents still happens. So drivers should know what to do they crashes occur. 

Injured on dangerous property? Stand up for justice in court

Slipping and falling at a restaurant or grocery store can quickly turn an ordinary trip to town into a costly trip to the hospital. A slip-and-fall injury can lead to expensive treatment and prevent you from being able to return to work for a period of time. This downtime can quickly take a toll on both your finances and your emotions.

In some instances, a slip-and-fall accident is the result of the carelessness of the owner of the business property where the accident occurred. For example, perhaps the business did not remove debris that was clearly on the floor. Fortunately, if you have been hurt in an accident on dangerous property, you might have recourse through the civil court system.

Discovery: Disclosing information during a personal injury case

If you believe that another driver caused the auto accident that led to your injuries, you can file a personal injury claim against that individual. This process can take many steps, and understanding the different stages involved with the proceedings may allow you to feel more at ease as your case moves forward.

Once you have filed your claim and the legal process for the trial begins, a discovery process takes place. During discovery, you and your legal counsel disclose relevant information to the opposition. Read on for more information about the three ways discovery typically happens.

Motorcycle accidents often end in devastating injuries

The scenery is one of the biggest draws for people who visit and live in Hawaii. Riding a motorcycle offers a freedom that those in other vehicles often do not understand, and doing so here can increase that feeling. However, the joys of riding a motorcycle are countered by the risks. For instance, the injuries riders can suffer in motorcycle accidents can be devastating.

This fact was illustrated in a recent crash between two motorcycles. As a group of motorcycles headed west on Kalanianaole Highway, a vehicle in front of it came to a stop in order to make a left-hand turn. The first motorcycle managed to stop, but the second did not.

Numerous car accidents on Hawaii road attributed to speeding

Truth be told, some of Honolulu's roads lend themselves to speeding. These roads also see an inordinate number of car accidents as a result. Many people do not even realize that their speed has significantly increased until they look down at the speedometer. For others, the recognition that their speed has reached a dangerous level only becomes evident after a crash.

Locals near Waianae Valley Road here in Honolulu know that speed is a problem on the roadway. They got the chance to say so publicly after a single-car crash that occurred at approximately 3:30 a.m. on a recent Friday. Speed is suspected as a factor in the deadly accident. Preliminary police reports note that speed caused the driver to lose control and crash, but the family believes another vehicle might have been involved.

Some who initially survive car accidents later lose their lives

Even more difficult than predicting when an accident will occur is predicting who will survive a crash, who will suffer serious injuries and who will walk away unscathed. To make matters worse, some people who initially survive car accidents suffer serious injuries and later lose their lives. For instance, a Hawaii woman who suffered severe injuries in a recent crash ultimately died of her injuries just days later.

She was the fourth person to die in the crash that took place on a recent Friday. She, her 2-year-old child and two others are all now gone after the vehicle they occupied crashed into a delivery truck that morning at around 9 a.m. As the car traveled south on Kuhio Highway, it somehow veered into the oncoming lane of travel right into the path of the truck, and the two collided.

What can you do when distracted driving puts your health at risk

With recent technological advancements, many individuals across the country find it hard to avoid using certain electronics, even while driving. You may believe that devices such as cell phones are an excellent way to stay connected, but they can also act as a dangerous distraction while out on the road. If you were recently in a serious car accident, chances are distracted driving may have played a significant role.

Recent studies suggest that distracted driving plays a part in many current car accidents, with results showing that cell phone usage alone nearly quadruples the potential for an accident to occur. If your accident caused you to suffer serious injuries, you might wish to discover if distracted driving was a contributing factor.

Is Hawaii one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians?

Although its beautiful scenery might suggest a leisurely pace of traffic, Hawaii ranked among the top eleven states in the country for the highest pedestrian fatality rates in the first six months of 2016.

Local authorities have taken note of this issue. Through educational projects like the Walk Wise Hawaii (WWH), the state Department of Transportation offers information targeted to pedestrians and drivers alike. Pedestrians are educated about safe walking habits, and drivers are reminded of strategies to look for pedestrians. The WWH educational campaign is offered in conjunction with other local agencies, including the Honolulu Police Department.

Do alternate routes increase the risk of pedestrian accidents?

Although the pace of life on Hawaii’s beaches may be leisurely, local traffic can be an entirely different matter. Some drivers have turned to traffic apps on their smartphones to avoid congestion. However, a recent article questioned whether that technology might pose an unintended safety risk to pedestrians.

According to the deputy director for Honolulu’s Transportation Services, traffic apps have helped some commuters successfully navigate the daily changes in traffic flow. For example, a clog on the freeway might be avoided by taking side streets around the obstacle. Yet local residents worry about this practice.


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