Insurance Companies Do Not Have Your Best Interests At Heart

People buy insurance with the expectation that they will be covered if an accident happens. This trust in insurance providers may cause some injured people to accept unreasonable delays or denied claims. Unfortunately, some insurance providers make money by collecting premiums and then offering minimal coverage. If you have serious injuries, you should know how some insurance providers can take advantage of your situation.

Initial Settlements And Injuries

After a serious accident, some injuries may not be immediately apparent. Some insurance companies will approach injured people immediately after their accident and only offer a small form of compensation. Oftentimes, accepting this claim prevents injured people from pursuing more compensation. This becomes a problem once the injured person understands the true extent of their injuries.

If you experienced an accident that caused a serious injury in Hawaii, do not accept an insurance provider's offer without contacting the Recovery Law Center. Our Honolulu office can review your accident details, your injuries and the offer you received. We will give you a realistic assessment of your case and tell you if an insurance provider is offering you a fair deal.

Warning Signs Of Predatory Insurance Providers

While not all insurance providers have exploitative practices, some of these actions may indicate trouble:

  • Delaying or denying rightful claims: Insurance providers may outright deny valid medical claims, or they delay their messages. Insurance companies have a responsibility to cover valid claims in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Offering unreasonably low settlements: Insurance providers may try to offer you a small settlement as the only form of accident compensation. Families who have lost their primary source of income or who have significant medical bills may feel pressured to take this small offer.
  • Claiming you exaggerated injuries: Accident victims must be honest about the extent of their injuries. If an insurance adjuster reviews your case and then claims your valid injuries are fraudulent, contact our office immediately.

Have A Trusted Attorney In Your Comer

Do not attempt to fight denied claims without a knowledgeable insurance lawyer. Our law firm can begin representing your best interests after your free consultation. You can call 808-379-3537 to speak with a legal professional. You can also use the contact form to set up your free first meeting. We will travel to meet you if you cannot come to our office.