Help With Hawaii Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Most vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle are not the fault of motorcyclists. Oftentimes, car drivers will enter into a motorcyclist's right of way and cause a serious if not deadly accident. If a driver hits you while riding a motorcycle, you most likely have a damaged bike and expensive medical bills. The Recovery Law Center will fight for your fair compensation from the insurance provider and negligent party.

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Who Is At Fault For Motorcycle Accidents?

Hawaii uses a doctrine known as comparative negligence to decide fault in a car accident. This means that the courts will check the actions of both drivers to determine who failed to drive safely. If one driver is 51 percent responsible for the accident, the other driver can pursue damages.

Because determining negligence can be complex, you need a proven litigator who will represent your interests. We will investigate your accident and create a case strategy to defend your rights. Our lawyer does not buy into the stereotype of reckless motorcyclists, and we will find the true reasons behind your accident.

Recovery Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

We place the needs of our injured clients above everything else. Our firm gives clients personalized legal strategies that work to take care of their future needs. We will guide you through the entire legal process and keep you up-to-date with case updates.

Talk To An Attorney Who Puts Your Needs First

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