Have You Been Injured In A Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrians in Hawaii are at a high risk for car accident injuries and fatalities. Especially in Honolulu, walkers have a higher chance of accidents because of traffic congestion and tourist drivers. If a driver hit you or your family while walking and you now have serious injuries, you need to talk to an attorney. At the Recovery Law Center, we give pedestrians who are hurt in car accidents experienced and effective legal guidance.

Our founding attorney, Glenn Honda, focuses on helping injured people throughout Hawaii. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not pay legal fees unless we win your case. You can schedule your free consultation at our Honolulu office by calling 808-379-3537.

What To Do After A Pedestrian Accident

While every personal injury case is different, there a few common tips that injured pedestrians can use:

  • Write down accident details: Document everything after a car accident by taking pictures or collecting physical evidence. Make sure to write down a clear timeline of the accident. Traumatic events can skew an injured person's perspective, and having a written record can help your attorney.
  • Document medical care: Life after a serious injury can feel hectic and you may receive treatment from multiple doctors. Keeping a record of your care and claims will make working with insurance providers easier.
  • Talk to an attorney: Insurance companies try to minimize the claims of injured people, and these providers can cause problems for your personal injury claim. Contacting a knowledgeable attorney at the start of your case can protect your interests after an accident.

Our law firm will work to recover compensation for your physical, emotional and financial state. We will fight to get a deal that cares for you and your family's current and future needs. Our approachable staff can answer your questions in a free consultation.

Let Our Lawyer Review Your Insurance Policy With No Obligations

In your free consultation, Mr. Honda will check the details of your insurance policy and the accident. He will give you a realistic idea of what the insurance companies should offer you and the options that you have. You can set up free your consultation with the contact form or by calling us at 808-379-3537. We can travel to meet you if you are unable to come to the office.