A Qualified Law Firm For Dangerous Property Accidents

Property owners and businesses are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for visitors. This means that if dangerous conditions caused you to slip and fall you may have a premises liability claim. A fall from any height can cause serious brain, neck, head and back injuries that can keep you out of work. At the Recovery Law Center, we protect the rights of slip-and-fall clients across Hawaii.

Attorney Glenn Honda has over 20 years of personal injury experience with slip-and-fall claims. He can answer your premises liability questions in a free consultation. We are mobile and are happy to visit you if you cannot come to the firm. Call us at 808-379-3537 to set up your free first meeting.

What Can Qualify As A Premises Liability Claim?

While the most common premises liability accidents are slips or falls, many other dangerous property conditions can cause accidents. Any property owner who fails to exercise reasonable caution while maintaining their property or building may be able to have a claim brought against them.

There are many types of accidents that may be premises liability claims, including:

  • Trips caused by poorly maintained sidewalks
  • Slips caused by unmarked wet or slick floors

Determining responsibility in premises liability cases can be challenging because the person visiting the property must have a reasonable expectation of safety. Property owners must make a reasonable effort to eliminate risks, or they must warn visitors of the dangers. Our lawyer can review the details of your accident and tell you if a premises liability claim is possible.

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