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April 2018 Archives

Premises liability: Shopper sues after alleged injuries

When shoppers visit stores in Hawaii, the last thing on their mind is suffering a serious injury. However, hundreds of customers are injured each year due to the negligence of property and business owners. Premises liability laws were put in place across the United States to protect all those who lawfully visit stores and businesses. Premises liability means that a property owner can be held legally responsible if visitors are injured by hazardous conditions or negligence by the property owner and/or the party in possession.

What to do if you are seriously injured on vacation

Hawaii’s beautiful weather, beaches and culture make it dream vacation destination for many people. These visitors often take part in vacation activities, such as snorkeling, cycling and scenic drives. This dream vacation can become a nightmare if a vacationer gets into an accident while on their trip.

As populations rise, so does the likelihood for car accidents

Due to rising populations, roadways across the state of Hawaii are more crowded than ever before. Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is becoming more and more dangerous. Even taking a short drive can potentially end in an accident as drivers these days face an abundance of distractions.

Pedestrian accidents: Young girl injured in Honolulu

Due to Hawaii's warm, tropical climate, citizens have the privilege of enjoying outdoor activities almost year-round. For many city residents, walking is a healthy and economical way to commute and navigate around streets congested with traffic. However, with so many vehicles and pedestrians in the same vicinity, pedestrian accidents are almost certain to happen.

Poor lighting leads to injuries and premises liability claim

All stores and shops in Hawaii and across America should welcome patrons and visitors with a pleasant and safe environment. Safety regulations have been established in every state to protect those that are lawfully visiting a property. Although some accidents are impossible to anticipate, many accidents can be prevented by taking a few simple precautions. These precautions can be things like removing potential hazards, providing adequate lighting or fixing property that has fallen under disrepair. When a person is injured due to unsafe conditions on a property, he or she may file a premises liability claim.

Residents concerned about pedestrian accidents along busy highway

Populations across the state of Hawaii are on the rise. The natural beauty of Hawaii combined with a warm climate make it a great place for residents to enjoy a host of outdoor activities such as walking, running, hiking and biking.  Those who live in Hawaii's cities and towns often choose walking as a primary source of transportation, since walking is economical and has many health benefits. Unfortunately, walking along crowded city streets can be very dangerous. After several pedestrian accidents, residents in the city of Nanakuli are calling for more crosswalks and better infrastructure for pedestrians.

Premises liability $1M suit against McDonald's settled

Customers should not have to be concerned with personal safety when shopping or visiting stores and restaurants. Business and property owners in Hawaii should always welcome visitors with a safe environment. Premises liability laws in the state of Hawaii and across the country say that property and business owners are responsible for the safety and protection of all visitors lawfully on their property. However, things like tools or water left on the floor from routine maintenance can turn into dangerous hazards that have the potential to cause injuries to customers.

Pedestrian and bicyclist deaths went up from 2006 to 2015

There are two groups of people out on the road that are in a far riskier situation than anyone else: pedestrians and bicyclists. This is for a number of obvious reasons. They have virtually no safety equipment to protect them, they inherently have to put themselves in more dangerous places out on the road (in crosswalks for pedestrians, alongside cars for bicyclists), and when they are struck by another vehicle, serious, catastrophic, or fatal injuries are likely.

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