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Moped driving laws you might not know about

Driving a moped is a fun change from driving a car. Mopeds are smaller and more mobile than other motorized vehicles so it’s easy to see why people enjoy them. However, there are a few laws for mopeds that aren’t as well known.

Be sure to take note of these rules from the state of Hawai'i to make sure you’re safe on the roads.

1. Moped drivers must use bicycle lanes.

Whenever there are bicycle lanes on a road, moped drivers have to use them. So when you see a bike lane, be sure to move over to it.

2. You must drive as far to the right side of the road as possible.

For the most part, you must drive to the right side if you are driving less than the speed of traffic on a road. Some exceptions to this law are when you’re making a left turn or if you are avoiding something such as an object or pedestrian.

3. You must drive in single-file.

If you are driving a moped you must drive in a single line. Though mopeds may be small enough to drive side-by-side, this is not allowed. If you are driving with friends, be sure to obey this law.

4. You can’t make modifications to your moped muffler.

You are not allowed to make any changes to your moped that will increase its noise level. This includes changes to your muffler or exhaust system. This law also says you have to prevent “excessive or unusual” noise. That means your moped should have a bypass on the exhaust system or muffler to prevent loud noise.

5. All traffic laws apply to moped drivers, too

Though mopeds are smaller than cars, you still have to obey all the same traffic laws. This includes obeying traffic lights and stop signs and using turn signals. You also have to have a license to drive a moped. Any license class is acceptable in the state of Hawai’i.

Make sure to check all traffic laws so you know exactly what to do on the roads. Have fun but be safe while driving your moped.

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