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December 2018 Archives

Do you know which damages are recoverable after a crash?

Whether you and your family live in Hawaii or are tourists on vacation from the mainland, suffering automobile accident injuries can be devastating. You and your family will likely experience emotional trauma along with the mounting medical bills and other financial damages. Fortunately, the civil justice system will allow you to pursue financial relief if another party's negligence caused the accident.

Pedestrian accidents: Yet another fatal accident reported

For a lot of Hawaii citizens, walking is the main form of transportation. Pedestrians are literally everywhere in towns and cities across the state. As populations continue to increase, more and more pedestrians are put in harm's way as they attempt to navigate around streets bustling with traffic. In an alarming and disturbing trend, pedestrian accidents have drastically increased across Hawaii this year. Pedestrians have little to no protection, so the vast majority of these accidents end in serious injuries or death.

Car accidents are events that no one wants to experience

It is becoming more and more dangerous to operate a motor vehicle these days in Hawaii. It's no secret that populations are increasing across this beautiful state, causing roadways to become frequently crowded. More vehicles sharing roads will only lead to more car accidents. Statistics say that most people will be involved in an accident at some point during their lives. Unfortunately, some of these accidents turn out to be serious or fatal.

Pedestrian accidents: Deaths have drastically increased this year

This has been a tragic and deadly year so far for pedestrians in Hawaii. To provide some context, pedestrian fatalities in Hawaii are up over 500 percent this year versus last year, according to recent statistics. What could be causing this dramatic rise in pedestrian accidents? Increased vehicular traffic as well as inattentive behavior are two primary causes. Regardless of the cause, a high percentage of accidents involving pedestrians prove to be fatal.

Premises liability laws were established for safety

The state of Hawaii is one of most popular tourists destinations in the world. Home to world-class dining and shopping, not to mention a multitude of outdoor attractions, there is something here for everyone. Premises liability laws state that the owners of these business and attractions must maintain a safe environment for all visitors lawfully on the property. Liquids or foreign objects left on floors may cause slip-and-fall accidents. However, improper lighting or uneven flooring can also cause accidents.

Pedestrian accidents: Oahu accident continues deadly trend

Almost every person is a pedestrian at some point during the day. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents have risen dramatically in recent years in Hawaii. One reason for this increase could be that more and more people in Hawaii are buying and using automobiles to commute, causing overcrowded roadways. However, one thing is for certain, pedestrian safety has become a big concern across the state.

Foreign objects on floors can lead to premises liability claims

Hawaii residents should be able to visit stores, restaurants and other public places without fearing for their safety. While shopping and perusing crowded stores and businesses, any foreign objects or slippery substances on the floor can cause shoppers to fall and be injured. Legally speaking, premises liability says that property and business owners are responsible for keeping a safe and hazard free environment. Those who are injured due to the negligence of property or business owners can pursue legal action.

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