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March 2019 Archives

Car accidents: Crash involving tractor-trailer injures several

Tractor-trailers, although not as prevalent in Hawaii as in the continental United States, are an economical and convenient way to transport goods and services. However, these huge commercial vehicles present a unique danger to those in smaller passenger vehicles. Due to their massive size, car accidents involving tractor-trailers often end in serious injury or death. A crash on the Big Island involved a tractor-trailer and ended with four people suffering injuries.

Woman files premises liability claim after falling down stairs

Those who visit public establishments in Hawaii should not have to fear for their safety while shopping or enjoying themselves. Premises liability laws in Hawaii say that business and property owners are responsible for the safety and protection of customers. Parking lots and other outside property also fall under the jurisdiction of these laws. Things such as inadequate lighting, water leaks and property that has fallen under disrepair can create a dangerous environment capable of injuring visitors.

The hazards of nighttime driving

Driving at night poses many hazards to you and other drivers. The lack of light limits vision, and a number of other factors could put you at risk of an accident whether those factors directly affect you, your vehicle or another driver.

The high rate of pedestrian accidents in Hawaii is troubling

Over the past few years, accidents involving pedestrians have skyrocketed in Hawaii. In fact, 2018 was the deadliest year on record for pedestrians across the state. A number of factors could be contributing to the spike in pedestrian accidents, such as increased traffic on roadways and greater numbers of distracted drivers. One thing is for certain -- something needs to be done to curb this disturbing trend.

Car accidents: Police continue to crack down on drunk driving

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle comes with great responsibility and requires attention at all times, especially these days. Driving is a task that is often taken for granted and can be dangerous on crowded Hawaii roadways. Unfortunately, more and more people are choosing to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Drunk driving is incredibly dangerous, irresponsible, reckless and often leads to car accidents. The fatal consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol have prompted police forces across Hawaii to crack down on intoxicated driving.

Recent pedestrian accidents add to an already deadly year

Pedestrians are abundant in Hawaii, especially around cities. The weather in Hawaii is warm year-round, so many residents choose walking as their main form of transportation. Running has also become a popular form of exercise. Runners and joggers are commonly seen grinding out their miles along the shoulders of crowded roadways. Unfortunately, being in such close proximity to vehicular traffic often leads to pedestrian accidents.

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