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Bicycle Safety Is Essential to Avoid Serious Personal Injury

Residents and tourists in Hawaii are always at risk on the busy highways, especially those who choose to explore the island by bicycle. Personal injury risks are significantly higher for cyclists who have hardly any protection from the impact of a crash with an automobile. For that reason, taking note of a few safety tips may be wise.

Bicycles are considered as vehicles, and cyclists must comply with the same rules and laws that apply to vehicle operators. Cyclists have to obey road markings, stop signs and traffic lights, and they must avoid riding against the flow of traffic. Riding in the bike lane, or the right-hand lane, is the safest, and using the appropriate hand signals to indicate intended turns or lane changes may avoid being knocked over by a car.

Although the available protective gear may not prevent injuries, a properly fitting helmet might avoid head trauma that may lead to a traumatic brain injury in the event of a crash. It is also advised that a cyclist should perform a safety check before taking to the road. It may be wise to check that the brakes and gears of the bike are in good working order and that the tires are not flat. Front and back reflectors and the required lights must be on the bicycle, and wearing reflective clothing can ensure visibility to motorists which may help avoid bicycle accidents.

Any cyclist who is involved in an accident involving the negligence of another party may seek financial relief. However, doing this while incapacitated and possibly in the hospital with severe injuries can be challenging. Fortunately, the help of an experienced Hawaii personal injury attorney is available to navigate a civil lawsuit on behalf of an injured victim. A successful presentation of documented claims may result in a monetary judgment to cover monetary damages.

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