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New law aims to reduce motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are very popular in Hawaii, and rightfully so. Not only are motorcycles cost-efficient and easier to maintain, they are also a fun way to explore the beautiful landscapes that the state of Hawaii is so famous for. However, traveling by motorcycle is not without added risk, especially now that roadways are often very crowded. Motorcycle accidents have been increasing every year. In an effort to increase safety, a new law was recently passed that may prove beneficial to motorcyclists.

Motorcycle accidents: Oahu crash claims the life of motorcyclist

For many people, motorcycles are not only a fun way to travel, but also a way of life. Riding motorcycles is a popular form of recreation in Hawaii, and here there are no shortage of scenic, beautiful roadways for motorcyclists to enjoy. However, roads across the state are becoming increasingly congested with traffic and downright dangerous. Because of this, motorcycle accidents are on the rise.

Motorcycle accidents: Driver flees after injuring rider

In Hawaii, motorcycles are an increasingly popular form of personal transportation. Not only are motorcycles economical and convenient, but the great weather in Hawaii makes traveling by motorcycle very enjoyable. However, motorcyclists are notoriously less safe than regular passenger vehicles. Statistically, motorcycle accidents are 35 times more likely to result in fatalities than accidents involving only passenger cars or trucks.

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in serious injury

Its no secret that motorcycles are considered by many to be more dangerous than most passenger vehicles. In Hawaii, what makes motorcycles so dangerous is not so much about the motorcycles themselves, but rather the other cars and trucks with which motorcyclists share roadways. Motorcycles are smaller and more compact, making them harder for other drivers to spot. Since motorcyclists are minimally protected, when motorcycle accidents occur, the outcomes are often very serious and even fatal.

Motorcycle accidents: Young man pronounced dead on the scene

As roads across the state of Hawaii become more and more crowded, conditions become even more dangerous for motorcyclists. Motorcyclists are totally exposed so any kind of accident could quickly turn fatal. In the last 10 years, motorcycle accidents have increased dramatically across the state of Hawaii. A recent accident on the island of Oahu involving a moped resulted in the death of a 23-year-old man.

Motorcycle accidents can have fatal consequences

Hawaii is home to many beautiful, scenic roadways that are perfect for motorcyclists to enjoy. Unfortunately, those who travel by motorcycle are often subjected to different types of risks and dangers than other motorists. Since motorcycles are typically smaller and harder to see than the most vehicles on the road, motorcycle accidents are not uncommon. Since motorcyclists are usually exposed with minimal protection from the elements, accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to result in serious injuries or death.

Motorcycle accidents often end in devastating injuries

The scenery is one of the biggest draws for people who visit and live in Hawaii. Riding a motorcycle offers a freedom that those in other vehicles often do not understand, and doing so here can increase that feeling. However, the joys of riding a motorcycle are countered by the risks. For instance, the injuries riders can suffer in motorcycle accidents can be devastating.

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