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Pedestrian accidents: Driver flees after striking pedestrian

Pedestrian deaths have risen sharply in recent years across Hawaii. Pedestrians typically utilize sidewalks very close to busy streets. With more and more vehicles on the road these days, pedestrian accidents become almost inevitable. Statistics say a pedestrian is killed every 90 minutes in the United States.

Pedestrian accidents: Traveling by foot can be dangerous

Walking is a popular and trendy way to get around in the state of Hawaii. More and more people are choosing to walk in order to save money and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The climate is wonderful here year-round, which makes traveling by foot very enjoyable. However, there are also more vehicles on the road than ever before, and more foot traffic along crowded streets is equating to an increase in pedestrian accidents.

Always remain alert and focused to prevent pedestrian accidents

In the city of Honolulu, pedestrians are literally everywhere. Those who live and work in the city often choose walking over driving as their main source of transportation. Not only is walking more practical and economical, it is a great way to stay in shape while enjoying the wonderful climate in Hawaii. However, increased foot traffic along crowded city streets could mean more pedestrian accidents.

Congested Honolulu streets can lead to pedestrian accidents

These days in Hawaii, pedestrian safety is a major concern. Honolulu, in particular, has seen a dramatic increase in pedestrian accidents in recent years. The city of Honolulu is in the midst of a population boom. This already popular tourist destination is now also home to thousands who have decided to move here to take advantage of the plentiful economic opportunities and the wonderful climate that provides year-round comfort. Unfortunately, the population increase has resulted in crowded streets that lead to more and more accidents.

Despite public awareness, pedestrian accidents continue to rise

In recent years, pedestrian deaths have risen in Hawaii and across the United States. The word "pedestrian" brings to mind images of a person who only travels by foot. However, almost every person is a pedestrian at some point every day. Rising numbers of pedestrians combined with rising numbers of vehicles in Hawaii cities unfortunately equates to more pedestrian accidents. According to recent statistics, a pedestrian is killed every 90 minutes in a traffic crash on average in the United States.

Officials launch safety campaign to combat pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian safety is a main area of concern in cities across the country. Especially in Hawaii, streets are becoming crowded and dangerous as more and more drivers take to roadways. According to records, 22 pedestrians have been killed in Hawaii this year. In an effort to bring awareness to pedestrian safety and prevent further pedestrian accidents, state officials have designated the month of August as Pedestrian Safety Month.

Pedestrian accidents: elderly woman killed in a crosswalk

A recent fatal accident in Chinatown highlights an alarming trend taking place in Hawaii. Pedestrian accidents are occurring more frequently these days. A number of factors could be contributing to the upward trend, such as higher traffic volumes and population spikes. Regardless, any accident involving a pedestrian is more likely to be fatal.

Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrian killed near Honolulu

Honolulu is without a doubt the largest city in Hawaii. The population of Honolulu has been steadily increasing for years as people flock to the city to experience the wonderful climate and the economic opportunities that are abundant here. Streets in and near the city are frequently congested, so many people choose walking as a main source of transportation. With vehicles and pedestrians in such close proximity, pedestrian accidents are bound to happen.

Pedestrian accidents are increasing in crowded Hawaii cities

Its no secret that more and more people are choosing to take up residence in the state of Hawaii. Honolulu, in particular, is in the midst of a population boom, as more people move to this wonderful city to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that abound here. However, this has led to an increase in pedestrian accidents. Recently, the island of Oahu saw multiple pedestrian accidents in a 24-hour timeframe, one of which ended in an arrest.

The rise in cycling and pedestrian accidents is troubling

Not only is biking a popular form of recreation in Hawaii these days, it is also a great source of transportation. By biking, commuters can avoid congested city streets while saving money on fuel costs. Cycling is also very healthy and a great way to stay in shape. However, due to increased traffic, pedestrian accidents are on the rise across the state of Hawaii, and biking along crowded roadways can be very dangerous. A recent hit-and-run accident near Ewa Beach on the island of Oahu left a woman with serious injuries.

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