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Premises Liability: Woman Files Claim After Severe Injuries

In Hawaii, it is required that all stores, restaurants and businesses comply with strict regulations and safety codes to ensure the safety of customers and visitors. People across the United States visit Hawaii throughout the year to enjoy the first-class shopping and dining experiences available here. These establishments are literally booming with tourists year-round. Unfortunately, something as minor as a wet floor is enough to severely injure a person and constitute grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

A woman in another state claims she was badly injured while shopping in a store and she has filed a lawsuit. According to the claim, the woman was shopping when she suddenly encountered an obstruction on the floor. Allegedly, this caused the woman to trip and fall.

The woman claims she suffered severe injuries due to the fall, such as knee, hip, head and neck injuries. She has allegedly had to undergo extensive medical treatment due to these injuries and has also suffered much mental anguish. She seeks to hold the defendant responsible for allegedly allowing a dangerous condition to exist and failing to remove the hazard. The woman seeks compensatory and punitive damages.

Tragically, thousands of people across the nation are injured every year in shops and restaurants due to hazardous conditions. Those in Hawaii who have been injured due to negligence while lawfully visiting a store, restaurant or business can file a claim in civil court. A successful premises liability lawsuit can provide victims and families with a substantial monetary award to help with medical expenses and other financial losses.

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