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Premises liability: Woman files claim after severe injuries

In Hawaii, it is required that all stores, restaurants and businesses comply with strict regulations and safety codes to ensure the safety of customers and visitors. People across the United States visit Hawaii throughout the year to enjoy the first-class shopping and dining experiences available here. These establishments are literally booming with tourists year-round. Unfortunately, something as minor as a wet floor is enough to severely injure a person and constitute grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Wet restroom floor results in premises liability lawsuit

Shops, stores and other places of business in Hawaii are required to maintain a safe, hazard-free environment. Many Hawaii residents visit grocery stores almost daily to buy food and other necessities. While customers shop and peruse these stores, the last thing they expect is to be physically harmed. Unfortunately, this nightmarish scenario is exactly what thousands of people across the county experience every single year. Unclean floors that cause customers to fall are among the most common premises liability claims.

Premises liability: Property owners must eliminate hazards

Any establishment that offers public access must abide by certain guidelines and laws in order to keep a safe environment for visitors. Foreign objects or substances that are left on floors can suddenly become very dangerous hazards capable of inflicting harm on unsuspecting patrons and others lawfully on the property. Premises liability laws say that owners and operators of public establishments must make every reasonable effort to eliminate hazards and regularly maintain their property. Despite these laws, thousands of people in Hawaii and across the United States are injured every year in stores, restaurants and other public places.

Premises liability laws were put in place to protect customers

It goes without saying that shops and stores in Hawaii should be safe places for all visitors, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Premises liability laws say that property and store owners have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for all legal visitors. However, negligence by store owners or employees could result in dangerous conditions for customers. For example, a jar of pickles may fall to the ground and break in a grocery store, leaving glass and liquids all over the floor. If this spill is not cleaned up in a timely manner, it could cause customers to fall and suffer injuries.

Injuries in public places may lead to premises liability claims

Jagged ocean cliffs and volcanoes spewing molten lava are often at the forefront of conversations regarding dangerous places in Hawaii. Undoubtedly, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but it can be just as dangerous. When discussing places of danger, seldom to stores and restaurants come to mind. However, seemingly inviting public places can quickly become hazardous locations when things such as liquids are left on floors or faulty infrastructure is left unrepaired. In Hawaii, premises liability laws were enacted to protect those who legal visit public places.

Premises liability claim filed after flooded floor induces a fall

Stores, restaurants and other businesses should be safe places where patrons can visit without fear of physical harm. Who wants to sustain an injury just by shopping in a store or enjoying a meal in a restaurant? Absolutely no one. However, this is exactly what happens to thousands of people every year in Hawaii and across the country. Premises liability laws clearly state that business and property owners are responsible for the safety of all legal visitors.

Fall at a McDonald's leads to premises liability claim

Every year in Hawaii and the continental United States, thousands of people are injured in public places as a result of falls. Things such as wet floors, uneven ground, defective stairs or tools left lying on the ground can cause visitors to lose their footing and fall. Legally, it is the responsibility of property owners to eliminate hazardous conditions and provide a safe environment for visitors. Victims may file a premises liability claim when injuries occur due to property or business owners failing to remove hazards or repair dangerous surfaces.

Premises liability claim cites leaky air conditioning unit

Hawaii is home to first class restaurants, shops and entertainment. When visiting these establishments, patrons and visitors should not have to fear for their safety. Strict safety codes and regulations have been established at the state and federal levels to protect all those who legally visit public places. These premises liability laws require property and business owners to eliminate hazards and provide warning of potentially dangerous conditions. Unfortunately, not all property owners will adhere to these laws.

Man files premises liability claim after alleged slip and fall

Accidents can happen at any place in the blink of an eye, even in places deemed as safe and secure. In Hawaii, it is the responsibility of business and property owners to maintain a safe environment for all legal visitors. However, routine cleaning and maintenance can sometimes be neglected and this can lead to accidents. When neglect by business and property owners causes injuries to visitors, legal action can be taken in the form of a premises liability claim.

Premises liability: Man files lawsuit after alleged fall

A fact of life is that accidents are going to happen. Accidents can occur at any time and are completely unpredictable. Some accidents can be very serious and have the potential to forever change a person's life. In Hawaii and across the United States, premises liability laws state that property and business owners have a legal responsibility to ensure that floors are clean and hazards are removed to prevent visitors from falling. When business owners neglect these responsibilities, patrons and visitors can be injured.

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