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Premises liability claim may follow 6-story fall in Maui

Property owners in Hawaii are responsible for ensuring visitors or tenants in their buildings are not exposed to known hazards. This does not only apply to commercial premises at which spills on the floors and potholes in parking lots can cause slip or trip-and-fall accidents but also to condo and apartment complexes. Multistory residential buildings require specific protection to prevent residents from falling off balconies or through windows.

Premises liability claim filed against Subway franchise

Visitors to restaurants in Hawaii expect to have dining experiences that will not cause them harm. Business owners must provide safe premises and provide warnings if they are unable to keep the areas safe. The premises liability law allows victims of injuries suffered in these establishments to pursue recovery of damages suffered.

Premises liability myths that can be ignored

Those in Hawaii who have suffered injuries in slip-and-fall accidents that were caused by the negligence of property owners may have questions about their rights to seek recovery of damages. Some myths exist that might discourage injured victims from filing premises liability lawsuits. Any person who is injured on another person's property due to the negligence of the property owner or a tenant may be entitled to pursue claims for financial relief.

Premises liability: UH student struck by broken tree

There are two accredited arboretums in Hawaii, one of which is the University of Hawaii at Manoa that is  recognized as a "Tree Campus USA" by the Arbor Day Foundation. While the students have the privilege of moving about the beautiful campus, constant monitoring of the trees is essential. A recent incident in which a student was injured might lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

Premises liability suit could follow child's fall from 2nd floor

Owners of apartment complexes and other residential buildings in Hawaii must comply with strict regulations to prevent injuries to tenants and visitors. Noncompliance could lead to premises liability claims. When a 4-year-old child was seriously injured after a recent fall from the second floor of a home, the importance of safeguarding windows of multi-story buildings was underscored.

Hawaii property owners tasked with public safety duties

Property owners in Honolulu and other areas in Hawaii have a duty to protect the safety of the public in and around their premises. Tourists and residents are entitled to pursue premises liability lawsuits if they should suffer harm due to the negligence of a property owner. It would only be natural for you to expect public areas to be safe, but potential safety hazards could be anywhere -- often where you would least expect them.

Premises liability lawsuit might follow death in elevator car

Being trapped in an elevator is likely one of the subconscious fears of many people. Tourists or residents of Hawaii may wonder about the safety regulations related to elevators in multi-story buildings. While cities may have different codes, most will require elevators to have alert systems operational for emergencies that may include a switch to activate an alarm along with an intercom or phone system. Further requirements may include connecting the alarm to the building management, police or fire department.

Premises liability lawsuits can follow slip-and-fall injuries

Property owners and managers in Hawaii must ensure that the public will be safe inside and outside the buildings they manage or own. To avoid premises liability lawsuits, they must develop effective programs to control safety exposure. Landlords and tenants of commercial properties must inspect premises regularly to identify situations and circumstances that can threaten the safety of the public, and then address those issues appropriately.

Premises liability claims may follow Honolulu high-rise fire

On July 14, a fire broke out on the 26th floor of the Marco Polo high-rise building in Honolulu. Three people lost their lives in the blaze, and several others suffered injuries while dozens were evacuated. Reportedly, some residents who were fortunate enough to escape were unaware of the danger until they checked to see what caused the commotion. This was because the building lacked audible fire alarms, a fact that may lead to premises liability lawsuits.

Auto accidents: Excessive speed blamed for fiery deaths of 3

A fiery crash claimed three lives on a recent Thursday evening in a city not far from Honolulu. This was one of many fatal high-speed auto accidents that have claimed the lives of motorists in Hawaii this year. Authorities said these deaths bring the fatality rate for traffic accidents on Oahu Island to 25 so far this year -- compared to 28 by this time last year.

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