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This Year Has Seen a Sharp Increase in Pedestrian Accidents

In recent years, pedestrian safety has become a major concern in Hawaii. Many Hawaii residents choose walking as the main source of transportation and recreation. Unfortunately, there has been a sharp increase in pedestrian accidents in recent years as roads across the state become more and more crowded. This year alone, there have been almost 100 traffic-related deaths in Hawaii.

Authorities said an elderly man was recently killed in a pedestrian accident on Oahu. The accident occurred during the morning hours in the Liliha area. According to reports, the man was attempting to cross Liliha Street near North Kuakini when he was suddenly struck by a pickup truck.

Police said the 73-year-old man was rushed to the hospital in extremely critical condition where he later died. The man was in a marked crosswalk when he was struck, according to police. Reportedly, this was the 56th traffic-related fatality on the island of Oahu this year. Police and officials in Hawaii say they have become highly concerned with the sharp increase in deaths on roadways across the state.

The high number of deaths have prompted police to ramp up patrols and speed enforcement efforts, while one lawmaker has proposed an initiative to redesign streets and lower speed limits. One thing is for certain, roadways are more dangerous than ever before for both motorists and pedestrians. Hawaii residents who have suffered injuries or loss in pedestrian accidents can take legal action and file a claim. A successful personal injury lawsuit could result in substantial compensation to help families through this difficult experience.

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