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Client Testimonials

Never gave up on me. Always made sure I was getting better. Kept in touch by mail and telephone calls. I would recommend anyone who needs an attorney to Mr. Glenn Honda.

- Charlene Wong 1/31/2020

Excellent service provided by Mr. Honda and his paralegal team—Jolie, George & Jennifer!! I highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking help from a law firm.

- Raelene Balidoy 1/29/2020

Glenn and his team did an awesome job on my case. He made sure I was taken care of the whole time and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Thank you for handling my claim. I highly recommend hiring Glenn and his team for your personal injury case.

- Karissa Epstein 1/22/2020

The service provided by Glenn and his team was amazing. They are held in high regards amongst many other practices and it is true that his professionalism is beyond words. I have never seen individuals work well together and help get your case solve in a timely. manner. I was fortunate enough to come across Glenn and his willingness to help without a moments hesitation. If you’re looking for an accident/recovery lawyer, look no further. I personally would recommend Glenn Honda to those who are looking for an exceptional lawyer who treats you how you want to be treated.

- David K 1/8/2020

I got great service! (I was a 2 time client)

- Lynne Ewart 1/8/2020

Exemplary law firm with the highest standards of ethics, public service and REALISTIC assessment of your case. Worth every penny you split with them and you can avoid any waste of time, effort and money. Focused on the client’s needs, listen sympathetically, communicate every step of the way, deal with other lawyers, insurance examiners, medical service providers erroneous billing, court documents, in short, everything needed to be done in a timely manner and even available by phone for emergencies on holidays! What more could you ask for? Mr. Honda, Jolie, George and Jennifer treat you like FAMILY and your recovery money with your interests first always, never mincing their words & always telling you exactly what’s happening, how long things will take and what kind of ball park amount you will net in the end. They take care of ALL the headaches so you can concentrate on getting well. They all deserve a gold medal. They are living local treasures as an irreplaceable resource for HONOLULU. They are not on TV or all show no go. They are quietly EFFECTIVE ADVOCATES FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE.

- Vincent Yano 1/8/2020

GLENN HONDA is a great personal injury attorney who works hard for those he represents and is by your side giving you the support, advocacy, and representation you need when you truly need it most! Thank you Glenn Honda for representing and standing up for me when I was in a bad accident and for being there for me when I was at a real low! Glenn and his team were there for me from the day I called him and was there throughout my recovery. He helped me find specialists that really helped my body recover from the injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. He and his team fought hard against the insurance company to get me a settlement that I deserved and one that covered my medical bills, property loss, and funds to further assist me with my needs. I am very grateful to Glenn and his team for representing me and for the support he showed me. He’s an awesome attorney and a good man that in my opinion went over and beyond to help me and he treated me with great respect. I would definitely recommend that you call Glenn Honda at Recovery Law Center for help in getting the representation that you need and deserve!

- Brian Bennett 12/10/2019

LOVED working with these guys!! They made me feel like family from the minute I walked in the door. When things go wrong, these are the guys you want in your corner. In a world where it’s hard to know who to trust, I am so glad I know Recovery Law Center. Thanks guys!!

- Gigi Lee 12/10/2019

I had the pleasure of working with Glenn and George at the Honolulu Pride event in Honolulu. They were an awesome team to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them to a family member or friend if they ever needed a Personal Injury Attorney!

- Sebastian Rodriguez 11/12/2019

Mr. Honda’s good reputation precedes him. From the moment I contacted his practice I knew I was in good hands. George and Jolie were friendly, easy to talk to, and genuine. They made me feel comfortable, heard, and supported. The Recovery Law Center team helped me every step of the way. They listened to me, answered my questions, and dealt with the disparaging treatment so I didn’t have to. Mr. Honda kept me informed about my options, shared his recommendations then let me decide how to proceed. Knowing they had my back and were fighting for me, gave me the chance to focus on my personal recovery. I don’t know what I would have done without their help and support. Thank you Glenn Honda and The Recovery Law Center team!!!! I highly recommend them and would definitely seek out their help again if ever I needed it.

- Shaun Nathaniel 7/30/2019
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