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Client Testimonials

There are no words that can humbly express my sincerest core of gratitude to Mr. Honda & his staff! I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into so I kept my faith strong & put my trust in Mr. Honda & his staff. Quite frankly, I had moments of doubts but in prayer I sought my strength & just let it go. Now, I have closure and can move forward in my life journey with increased faith, patience, and hope. In closing, I hope if you ever need an attorney, I highly & truly recommend Mr. Glenn Honda & his staff…THEY ALL CARE AND ARE WITH YOU IN YOUR RECOVERY😊 THANK YOU AGAIN MR. HONDA & STAFF ❣️RECOVERY LAW CENTER DESERVES THE MOON & STARS FOR THEIR SPLENDID SERVICE 🌕💫

- Janice Joshua 7/30/2019

These guys got me taken care and got some coin in my pocket while settling all the legal things for me. thanks guys!

- Remberto Barrientos 7/30/2019

“From my first exchange of words, I felt comfortable. I felt that every single person at the Recovery Law Center understood everything I was dealing with.

I can’t express enough gratitude, and I still struggle to put my emotions into words that would do them justice. What was and still remains effortless is trusting that the people there will always have my best interests at heart.”

- RyLee Kawasugi 7/24/2019

“Recovery Law Center made my legal experience entirely stress-free. I had two face-to-face meetings and a handful of phone calls with them. I hope I won’t need their services in the future, but I will not hesitate for a second to call them if I find myself on the bad side of another rear-end!

Mahalo to Jolie, Glenn, and the rest of the staff at RLC for making this ordeal completely painless! Aloha!”

- Angel Camacho 7/11/2019

“Just want to Thank Glen Honda, Jolie and the Recovery Law Center for being supportive caring and having my back from the beginning to the end of my journey.

They handled every little detail of my case and always took the time to email, call and or check on me. I am grateful for all of their efforts and hard work. Mahalo”

- Daune Judd 5/16/2019

“Very helpful and supportive team. The entire team at the Recovery law center helped me the whole way. Treated me very kindly and always gave me the best support. They lifted me out of difficult matters in a breeze. Super happy to have chosen them in my legal matters. Highly recommended!”

- Daniel Khamjani 4/4/2019

“Aloha, The team at Recovery Law was exceptional beyond expectations. Their professionalism, insight of my situation, and knowledge was on point from beginning to the end. They were on point and proactive on behalf of me and I felt very comfortable.

I always felt assured that they were in control of my situation as if I was family. From fast replies to any questions I had to sending holiday cards in the mail. They encouraged and guided me in this first time ordeal on my path to recovery. I would recommend them to anyone.

I have a great deal of gratitude and appreciation. I could go on for days with praise, but long story short they treated me like ohana and I was beyond pleased with the settlement. Thank you guys! Aloha”

- Seanny D 3/28/2019

“Once again, I had the misfortune of being in an accident on the road again. First time, a careless tourist hit me while I was driving on my motorcycle and just recently, a rear end collision while waiting for the traffic light to change.

In both cases, I have been well informed on getting a fair settlement for my injuries, and resolving all issues, including recommending a physician that specialized in assisting in my recovery on the injuries.

I highly recommend Glenn Honda, and his staff at Recovery Law Center to anyone who is looking for a law firm that knows the legal system and cares about their clients too.”

- Garrick M. 3/16/2017

“Glenn was able to garner a far larger settlement to compensate me for what I went through and the scar I will bear for life. His staff was always helpful and available and made the process extremely easy. I hope to never be injured again but I would not hesitate to count on Recovery Law Center or recommend them to anyone who has been injured or pushed around by insurance companies.”

- Aint T. 12/30/2015

“Thank you to Attorney Glenn Honda and his staff (esp. George and Chris) for their excellent care and service. Attorney Honda, although soft spoken, was very aggressive with my claim. He fought to get me a settlement that he knew I deserved, especially after the injuries I sustained. My settlement was more than what I expected. I totally trusted Attorney and his staff to take care of my claim. They are truly personable, kind, accommodating and humble. I would definitely recommend (and return) Attorney Honda to my friends and family. Thanks again Attorney Honda!!!”

- Julie M. 11/14/2015
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