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Client Testimonials

“They were very efficient and went above and beyond to help me. I definitely would recommend to any of my friends.”

- Susie O. 1/20/2015

“This was the first time that I ever had to deal with an accident involving Insurance and Lawyers. Recovery Law Center made me comfortable and always made me feel that I was always the victim in dealing with the task ahead. They dealt with everyone in a timely and professional manner. Very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal representation.”

- Danny V. 12/6/2014

“I was Glenn Honda’s client twice. Both times, he was my personal injury attorney. The first time, I was walking out the door of this building and the hydraulic malfunctioned, shoving me out. Well, as the door shoved me forward, it caught one of my fingers and partially amputated it. (It’s fine now thank God). The insurance company wouldn’t even pay my emergency bills. Glenn even hired an engineer to show that the hydraulic was defective. He made the insurance company pay!

The second time I was walking and there was dirt and leaves covering a more than one-inch rise in the sidewalk. The City scoffed at me and my claim. But again, Glenn Honda to the rescue — He took the case all the way to arbitration. I recommend him. He fights hard for his clients.”

- Lynne S. 3/26/2014

“Glen and his staff are incredible!!! We were in quite a jam for 9 months… They got the best results possible. They really reach out to those who need it. They stuck by our side the whole time… We are a new family starting out and without their help we would be sunk. Thank you Glen and George.”

- Elizabeth S. 3/20/2014

“I’m so glad I met Glenn. He’s honest, smart, and approachable. Glenn gave great advice during the initial consultation (free of charge, by the way). Through his guidance, I negotiated a settlement with the insurance company. His staff is great, too — professional, respectful, skilled and kind. The location of his office is convenient.”

- Rae K. 8/4/2013

“An impressive Attorney. Mr Honda was referred to me as a good lawyer. I have been represented by lawyers in the past 35 years since my husband was killed and I viewed Mr Honda as a good attorney but since the lawyer on the opposing side was aggressive and almost intimidating as I sat by Mr. Honda’s side I did not have positive or negative feelings. When it became Mr. Honda’s turn to ask questions of the opposite party, his demeanor changed. Initially he did not appear to be listening intensely yet he remembered every point and in a concise, skilled and competent manner he discredited every important factor in the case. He was creative and exuded a winning energy that really amazed and surprised me. He was great and very impressive and I would very highly recommend him to everyone.”

- Juliette G. 5/26/13

“Compassionate & Aggressive Representation. I was at a stop light when I was hit from behind by someone who was not paying attention. In addition to the damages to my car I was injured. The insurance company overwhelmed me with paperwork. It was an extremely difficult time for me.

I was referred to Mr. Honda by a friend. Mr. Honda was only concerned about me and my injuries. He told me to concentrate on getting better and not to worry about anything else. It was such a relief not having to worry about the paperwork jungle that the insurance company was putting me through. He was able to negotiate a fair settlement for me without having to go through litigation.

I would recommend Mr. Honda because his focus is really on the client’s well being rather than the dollar amount of the case. Thank you Mr. Honda for your compassion towards me and, your aggressive approach with the insurance company.”

- Brian 2/15/13

“In 2010 I opened my business called Sophisticated Facial and Nail Spa; then I had an accident. I tried to move a safe out of my business and it fell on my whole body. The safe weighed over 3,000 pounds. I was in the hospital for 29 days and when I got out of the hospital I called my insurance company and they told me that this accident wouldn’t be covered under my business insurance. So I contacted a couple different attorneys but none of them would take on my case.

I hired a company to paint my business and then she saw that my hand had a big scar. She asked me what happened to my elbow. I told her I had an accident here at my business and my business insurance company wouldn’t cover it. She asked me if I had an attorney and I explained that I went to a couple of attorneys and none of them would take on my case. She recommended an attorney by the name of Glenn Honda.

I contacted him and he took my case. Glenn was very passionate and explained to me that I have a good case. In the end Glenn won my case and as a favor to me because of everything I went through that he would give me a discount and not take as much as he normally does. Glenn settled my case in less than one year. I would highly recommend Glenn Honda for any personal injury accidents.

Thank you Glenn Honda for all of your help and support with my case.”

- Yen Cao
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