An Attorney Truly Dedicated To Helping The Injured

An accidental injury presents many challenges at once: a medical emergency, logistical problems, a wrecked car in many cases, financial needs and legal concerns. Add to this challenging mix the stress and shock you and your family are likely to experience, and it is no wonder you realize you need help. In addition to top-notch health care for the injured, you need a plan of action and peace of mind.

We Are Here To Answer Your Questions And Pursue The Compensation You Need

At Recovery Law Center in Honolulu, we mean it when we say, "We are here to help you through this. You deserve an experienced advocate on your side." We work hard to ensure our clients recover all compensation due to them after a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident or any accident resulting in injury.

Many of our clients have never worked closely with a lawyer before. None of them expected to be injured in an accident. We aim to communicate clearly and be as helpful as we can — starting with a free initial consultation. There is no further obligation.

For Best Results After An Accident, Get An Attorney On Board Early In The Recovery Process

I am personal injury lawyer Glenn Honda, the founder and owner of this law firm. Ask me to review your insurance policy at no charge. Don't know where to find your insurance policy? We can help obtain a copy for you.

Get the answers and help you are looking for after an auto accident or any accidental injury. Call 808-379-3537 or send an email message through this website to schedule your consultation.