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Despite public awareness, pedestrian accidents continue to rise

In recent years, pedestrian deaths have risen in Hawaii and across the United States. The word "pedestrian" brings to mind images of a person who only travels by foot. However, almost every person is a pedestrian at some point every day. Rising numbers of pedestrians combined with rising numbers of vehicles in Hawaii cities unfortunately equates to more pedestrian accidents. According to recent statistics, a pedestrian is killed every 90 minutes in a traffic crash on average in the United States.

A recent accident in Maui claimed the life of a 37 year-old pedestrian. The incident happened during the morning hours at a Kahului intersection. Police reports said an eastbound Ford van struck the pedestrian who was attempting to cross the intersection.

Injuries in public places may lead to premises liability claims

Jagged ocean cliffs and volcanoes spewing molten lava are often at the forefront of conversations regarding dangerous places in Hawaii. Undoubtedly, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but it can be just as dangerous. When discussing places of danger, seldom to stores and restaurants come to mind. However, seemingly inviting public places can quickly become hazardous locations when things such as liquids are left on floors or faulty infrastructure is left unrepaired. In Hawaii, premises liability laws were enacted to protect those who legal visit public places.

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she allegedly suffered a fall in a supermarket. The woman says she was shopping in a supermarket and encountered a wet substance on the floor. According to the lawsuit, the woman slipped and fell due to the wet substance that was believed to be juice from a watermelon that had gone bad.

Officials launch safety campaign to combat pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian safety is a main area of concern in cities across the country. Especially in Hawaii, streets are becoming crowded and dangerous as more and more drivers take to roadways. According to records, 22 pedestrians have been killed in Hawaii this year. In an effort to bring awareness to pedestrian safety and prevent further pedestrian accidents, state officials have designated the month of August as Pedestrian Safety Month.

Officials say some of the high-risk activities include jaywalking, walking at night while not being visible and not paying attention while using crosswalks. Drivers across the state are required to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and should also remain focused behind the wheel and avoid using cell phones, officials said. Speeding also increases the odds of an accident.

Avoid serious vacation injury by drying off after swimming

Avoiding serious slip and fall accidents on vacation proves crucial to enjoying your time off. Among the most dangerous areas are wet surfaces, and with Hawai’i’s plethora of sunny, warm days, your family is sure set to enjoy the water.

Falling injuries prove extremely significant, and being away from your home may add more stress to you or your child’s recovery. While pool employees should maintain safe, dry pool areas, you may wish to follow certain safety guidelines to avoid slipping.

Premises liability claim filed after flooded floor induces a fall

Stores, restaurants and other businesses should be safe places where patrons can visit without fear of physical harm. Who wants to sustain an injury just by shopping in a store or enjoying a meal in a restaurant? Absolutely no one. However, this is exactly what happens to thousands of people every year in Hawaii and across the country. Premises liability laws clearly state that business and property owners are responsible for the safety of all legal visitors.

A man in another state claims that he was injured while visiting a restaurant in a hotel, and he has taken legal action. According to the lawsuit, the man was dining with his family in the hotel restaurant and excused himself to visit the restroom. When he entered the restroom, the plaintiff claims that the floor was flooded with water, which caused him to slip and fall.

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in serious injury

Its no secret that motorcycles are considered by many to be more dangerous than most passenger vehicles. In Hawaii, what makes motorcycles so dangerous is not so much about the motorcycles themselves, but rather the other cars and trucks with which motorcyclists share roadways. Motorcycles are smaller and more compact, making them harder for other drivers to spot. Since motorcyclists are minimally protected, when motorcycle accidents occur, the outcomes are often very serious and even fatal.

A recent accident in Kihei on the island of Maui claimed the lives of two people and critically injured another. The accident happened on Piilani Highway during the afternoon hours. According to reports, a motorcycle crashed into a van.

Keeping kids safe on the way to and from school

As a parent, a major concern you most likely have is the safety and well-being of your child when they’re not in your care. Unfortunately, children are still not as safe as they could be when traveling to and from school.

Many pedestrians in Hawaii have to deal with tourist traffic, an insufficient sidewalk system and a lack of crosswalks in lesser-prioritized transit areas. Parents, teachers and school districts have indicated concerns over the safety of children as they go to and from school around the islands.

Bicycle accidents: Bicyclist struck and killed on the Big Island

The remarkable beauty and wonderful year-round climate make Hawaii a great place for cyclists. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and what better way to enjoy this natural beauty than taking a relaxing bicycle ride. However, roadways across the state are becoming crowded, so cycling along these crowded roads can be very dangerous. Tragically, bicycle accidents often result in serious injury or death.

A bicyclist was killed recently in an accident on the Big Island. According to reports, the cyclist was riding along the north shoulder of Queen Kaahumanu Highway during the morning hours. Reports say the cyclist attempted to make a U-turn and was struck by a Nissan Versa.

Three fatal car accidents make for a tragic day on the Big Island

Roadways across the state of Hawaii are becoming increasingly dangerous with each passing year. Thousands of people visit Hawaii annually, which only adds to traffic congestion. In one recent tragic day on the Big Island, three separate car accidents resulted in the deaths of three people.

The first accident involved a motorcyclist and occurred during the evening hours. According to reports, a northbound Cadillac sedan rear-ended a motorcycle then fled the scene. Police say the motorcyclist died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash, while the driver who allegedly fled the scene is still at large.

Fall at a McDonald's leads to premises liability claim

Every year in Hawaii and the continental United States, thousands of people are injured in public places as a result of falls. Things such as wet floors, uneven ground, defective stairs or tools left lying on the ground can cause visitors to lose their footing and fall. Legally, it is the responsibility of property owners to eliminate hazardous conditions and provide a safe environment for visitors. Victims may file a premises liability claim when injuries occur due to property or business owners failing to remove hazards or repair dangerous surfaces.

In another state, a man claimed he suffered injuries from a fall in a McDonald's parking lot, and he filed a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the man visited the restaurant and was walking through the parking lot. Allegedly, the man slipped and fell in the parking lot on what he called an unnatural accumulation of snow and ice.

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