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Premises liability: Woman files claim after severe injuries

In Hawaii, it is required that all stores, restaurants and businesses comply with strict regulations and safety codes to ensure the safety of customers and visitors. People across the United States visit Hawaii throughout the year to enjoy the first-class shopping and dining experiences available here. These establishments are literally booming with tourists year-round. Unfortunately, something as minor as a wet floor is enough to severely injure a person and constitute grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

A woman in another state claims she was badly injured while shopping in a store and she has filed a lawsuit. According to the claim, the woman was shopping when she suddenly encountered an obstruction on the floor. Allegedly, this caused the woman to trip and fall.

Pedestrian accidents: Driver flees after striking pedestrian

Pedestrian deaths have risen sharply in recent years across Hawaii. Pedestrians typically utilize sidewalks very close to busy streets. With more and more vehicles on the road these days, pedestrian accidents become almost inevitable. Statistics say a pedestrian is killed every 90 minutes in the United States.

Recently, an accident claimed the life of a pedestrian in Maili. The accident happened during the overnight hours on Farrington Highway. According to police reports, the pedestrian was attempting to cross the highway and was suddenly struck by a white pickup truck. Authorities said the man was rushed to a local hospital where he died from his injuries.

Motorcycle accidents: Driver flees after injuring rider

In Hawaii, motorcycles are an increasingly popular form of personal transportation. Not only are motorcycles economical and convenient, but the great weather in Hawaii makes traveling by motorcycle very enjoyable. However, motorcyclists are notoriously less safe than regular passenger vehicles. Statistically, motorcycle accidents are 35 times more likely to result in fatalities than accidents involving only passenger cars or trucks.

A recent crash involving a moped and another vehicle left a man with critical injuries. The accident happened on Kamehameha Highway in Honolulu during the overnight hours. Police reports say a moped driver was traveling northbound on the highway when he was suddenly struck from the rear by a vehicle traveling the same direction.

Wet restroom floor results in premises liability lawsuit

Shops, stores and other places of business in Hawaii are required to maintain a safe, hazard-free environment. Many Hawaii residents visit grocery stores almost daily to buy food and other necessities. While customers shop and peruse these stores, the last thing they expect is to be physically harmed. Unfortunately, this nightmarish scenario is exactly what thousands of people across the county experience every single year. Unclean floors that cause customers to fall are among the most common premises liability claims.

A man in another state recently filed a lawsuit against a grocery store over claims that hazardous conditions caused him to fall. The lawsuit says that the man was shopping in the store and visited the restroom. Allegedly, he encountered a wet floor in the restroom which caused him to fall.

Bicycle accidents: Cyclist allegedly killed by officer

Bicycling is a popular form of recreation and transportation in the state of Hawaii. The wonderful climate here makes for perfect riding weather year-round. Not only is cycling a great way to stay in shape, but it is also a very economical and environmentally friendly form of personal transportation. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents have become a big concern in recent years as roads across Hawaii become more and more crowded. Since cyclist are often totally exposed, these type of accidents often result in serious injury or death.

A trial is set to begin soon for a former Hawaii police officer who allegedly struck and killed a cyclist while he was on duty. The former officer was charged with negligent homicide after the incident. According to reports, the officer was traveling eastbound on Waikoloa Road in his patrol car with the bicyclist riding a bicycle along the side of the road.

Safety tips for bicycling in the Hawaiian rain

Many travel agents recommend tourists to visit the Hawaiian Islands in October. The weather is not too hot, and you generally have lower rates for flights and hotels than the other months. For bicyclists, this feels like the perfect time to go since they will have more of the island to explore by themselves with reasonable weather.

However, October marks the beginning of the state’s wetter months. While there is not as much rainfall as November or December, it might catch bicyclists off guard and put them in harm’s way. Before you plan your tropical biking trip, you should arm yourself with knowledge of how to prevent any major injuries that can occur from biking under some stormy clouds.

Pedestrian accidents: Traveling by foot can be dangerous

Walking is a popular and trendy way to get around in the state of Hawaii. More and more people are choosing to walk in order to save money and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The climate is wonderful here year-round, which makes traveling by foot very enjoyable. However, there are also more vehicles on the road than ever before, and more foot traffic along crowded streets is equating to an increase in pedestrian accidents.

A recent accident on the island of Oahu resulted in the death of a pedestrian and a driver facing charges. The accident happened during the overnight hours along Kamehameha Highway in Waiahole. Reports say a man was attempting to cross the highway in a marked crosswalk when he was suddenly struck by a vehicle.

How Hawaiian pedestrians can prevent accidents at night

As Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, the Aloha State has a highly active nightlife. Most people that vacation often stay up late to drink, attend a luau or simply to hear the ocean waves approach the shorelines.

Unfortunately, staying up late has become increasingly dangerous in the state as of late. A recent report states that out of the 28 pedestrian fatalities we have had this year, 25 of them were between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. The reports attribute these fatalities to motorists speeding, inattentiveness or not giving the right of way. Though many pedestrians were also at fault for intoxication or improper crossing. Regardless of whether motorists or pedestrians were more at fault, there are several precautions you need to take before you enjoy Honolulu’s nightlife.

Car accidents: Fatal crashes can happen at any time

Those who live in Hawaii or have recently visited here know that roads are becoming crowded and more dangerous. Car accidents are commonplace on the largest and most populated island of Hawaii. However, crashes are also happening more frequently on the other islands, as more people across the state gain access to automobiles. Just recently on the island of Maui, three fatal accidents were reported in the span of a week.

The first accident happened in Kahului. According to police, a man was attempting to cross an intersection in a marked crosswalk while riding an electric personal mobility device. Reports said the man was killed when he was suddenly struck by a flatbed tow truck that was making a right turn at the intersection.

Premises liability: Property owners must eliminate hazards

Any establishment that offers public access must abide by certain guidelines and laws in order to keep a safe environment for visitors. Foreign objects or substances that are left on floors can suddenly become very dangerous hazards capable of inflicting harm on unsuspecting patrons and others lawfully on the property. Premises liability laws say that owners and operators of public establishments must make every reasonable effort to eliminate hazards and regularly maintain their property. Despite these laws, thousands of people in Hawaii and across the United States are injured every year in stores, restaurants and other public places.

A woman who visited a hotel in another state was allegedly injured due to hazardous conditions and she filed a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the woman was staying in a room at the hotel, which was located near a beach. The plaintiff claims that she encountered a liquid substance on the floor of her room that caused her to fall.

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