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May 2018 Archives

Premises liability: Man files lawsuit after alleged fall

A fact of life is that accidents are going to happen. Accidents can occur at any time and are completely unpredictable. Some accidents can be very serious and have the potential to forever change a person's life. In Hawaii and across the United States, premises liability laws state that property and business owners have a legal responsibility to ensure that floors are clean and hazards are removed to prevent visitors from falling. When business owners neglect these responsibilities, patrons and visitors can be injured.

Car accidents: Man dies after hit-and-run

The state of Hawaii has seen a significant growth in population in recent years. Due to this growth, there are more vehicles sharing roadways today than ever before. Also, motorists these days are forced to deal with greater numbers of distracted, impaired or reckless drivers. Coincidentally, car accidents are increasing across the state.

Premises liability lawsuit recently settled for $100,000

In Hawaii, cities and counties across the state must adhere to strict regulations and safety codes to ensure that all public property is safe for citizens and visitors. These regulations say that publicly used facilities and structures must be adequately maintained and free of potential hazards. Sometimes, due to a lack of resources or funding, maintenance can be neglected. Flaws during the construction phase of public infrastructure can also play a role in future accidents. A premises liability lawsuit against a city in another state recently made headlines after a six-figure settlement was finally reached.

The rise in cycling and pedestrian accidents is troubling

Not only is biking a popular form of recreation in Hawaii these days, it is also a great source of transportation. By biking, commuters can avoid congested city streets while saving money on fuel costs. Cycling is also very healthy and a great way to stay in shape. However, due to increased traffic, pedestrian accidents are on the rise across the state of Hawaii, and biking along crowded roadways can be very dangerous. A recent hit-and-run accident near Ewa Beach on the island of Oahu left a woman with serious injuries.

Premises liability claim filed after fall in a store

Accidents can happen when least expected. Some accidents are minor inconveniences, but some may lead to permanent injuries. In Hawaii, premises liability laws say that property owners are responsible for eliminating potential hazards and creating a safe environment for all visitors lawfully on their properties. Even small items left on floors can turn into dangerous hazards that could possibly be the cause of unfortunate and painful accidents.

Pedestrian accidents: Young boy critically injured

Accidents involving pedestrians have seen a sharp increase in recent years, not only in Hawaii but across America. Hawaii residents in particular often use walking, running or hiking as a form of recreation, a way to get outdoors and enjoy the wonderful climate that this state has to offer. However, anytime people and vehicles are in the same vicinity, pedestrian accidents are possible.

Premises liability lawsuit settled for almost $280,000

In Hawaii and across the United States, it is the responsibility of property owners to provide a safe environment for all legal visitors. Far too often, people are injured due to hazards or neglected property. A man in another state was recently awarded a substantial settlement from a premises liability suit he filed after he allegedly suffered injuries in a fall.

Motorcycle accidents can have fatal consequences

Hawaii is home to many beautiful, scenic roadways that are perfect for motorcyclists to enjoy. Unfortunately, those who travel by motorcycle are often subjected to different types of risks and dangers than other motorists. Since motorcycles are typically smaller and harder to see than the most vehicles on the road, motorcycle accidents are not uncommon. Since motorcyclists are usually exposed with minimal protection from the elements, accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to result in serious injuries or death.

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