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Motorcycle Accidents Are More Likely to Result in Serious Injury

Its no secret that motorcycles are considered by many to be more dangerous than most passenger vehicles. In Hawaii, what makes motorcycles so dangerous is not so much about the motorcycles themselves, but rather the other cars and trucks with which motorcyclists share roadways. Motorcycles are smaller and more compact, making them harder for other drivers to spot. Since motorcyclists are minimally protected, when motorcycle accidents occur, the outcomes are often very serious and even fatal.

A recent accident in Kihei on the island of Maui claimed the lives of two people and critically injured another. The accident happened on Piilani Highway during the afternoon hours. According to reports, a motorcycle crashed into a van.

Tragically, authorities said the driver of the van and the driver of the motorcycle were both killed in the accident. A passenger on the motorcycle suffered very serious injuries and was transported to a local hospital, police said. Reportedly, both of those who were killed were residents of Kihei. So far this year, there have been nine traffic-related deaths on Maui.

Motorcycles can be a fun and economical way to travel. However, it is important for motorcyclists to always remain focused and alert while riding, as other drivers may fail to see or notice motorcycles. Families in Hawaii who have suffered the loss of loved ones in motorcycle accidents could benefit by seeking the services of an experienced legal representative. Damages from a successful claim could provide financial relief and help families recover from such a tragic experience.

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