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No Pedestrians Died in Hawaii Car Accidents This Past Halloween

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Oct. 31 is one of the three days every year on which the most injuries and fatalities are reported in auto-pedestrian accidents. Fortunately, the island’s Department of Transportation reported that Halloween 2017 passed without any pedestrian fatalities or serious injuries caused by car accidents. Sadly, that is not true for the rest of the year.

HDOT’s records indicate that 31 people have lost their lives in road accidents on Hawaii Island from the beginning of this year through Nov. 13. Twenty-eight fatalities occurred during the same period last year. Motor vehicle, scooter and bicycle accident fatalities have increased so far this year, but four fewer pedestrians were killed. The statistics cover accidents involving at least one motor vehicle that occurred on a public traffic way and resulted in a death within 30 days of the incident.

An HDOT spokesperson noted that drivers and pedestrians clearly took traffic safety seriously on this year’s Halloween. However, seven people have died in road accidents within the past month. He urged people to be as attentive and cautious as they were on Halloween to limit preventable road deaths throughout the year.

Pedestrians who are suffering the consequences of car accidents, or families who have lost loved ones in auto-pedestrian accidents that resulted from driver negligence may have grounds to pursue claims for pursue financial relief. Medical expenses, lost wages and other financial and emotional damages might be recoverable by filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, as applicable, in a civil court. An experienced Honolulu personal injury attorney can provide the necessary support and guidance in the navigation of such a claim.

Source:, “32 Die on Hawai’i Island Roadways So Far This Year“, Nov. 15, 2017

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