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Poor Lighting Leads to Injuries and Premises Liability Claim

All stores and shops in Hawaii and across America should welcome patrons and visitors with a pleasant and safe environment. Safety regulations have been established in every state to protect those that are lawfully visiting a property. Although some accidents are impossible to anticipate, many accidents can be prevented by taking a few simple precautions. These precautions can be things like removing potential hazards, providing adequate lighting or fixing property that has fallen under disrepair. When a person is injured due to unsafe conditions on a property, he or she may file a premises liability claim.

A woman in another state was injured while visiting a theater, and she has taken legal action. The lawsuit says that the woman visited the theater and was making her way to her seat. According to the lawsuit, the woman tripped and fell on steps that led to the seating area.

The woman claims that she suffered injuries due to the fall and required medical treatment. She holds the theater responsible because she claims that the defendant failed to provide signage noting where the steps began. Also, the lighting was inadequate, making it allegedly difficult to see the floor. The plaintiff is seeking damages in excess of $50,000.

In Hawaii and across the United States, business and property owners are responsible for providing a safe environment and eliminating any issues or potential hazards that could cause injury to visitors. Those who are injured due to hazardous conditions may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit. A successful claim could result in much-needed compensation to cover any monetary losses accrued as of the result of injuries.

Source:, “Woman sues over trip, fall at Edwardsville Showplace 12“, Angelica Saylo Pilo, April 17, 2018

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