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Man Files Premises Liability Claim After Alleged Slip and Fall

Accidents can happen at any place in the blink of an eye, even in places deemed as safe and secure. In Hawaii, it is the responsibility of business and property owners to maintain a safe environment for all legal visitors. However, routine cleaning and maintenance can sometimes be neglected and this can lead to accidents. When neglect by business and property owners causes injuries to visitors, legal action can be taken in the form of a premises liability claim.

In another state, a man allegedly fell while walking out of an elevator, and he has filed a lawsuit against the business owner. According to the lawsuit, the man encountered liquid on the floor of the elevator as he was exiting. Allegedly, this caused the man to lose his balance, stumble and fall.

The man claims he suffered serious and permanent injuries as a result of the fall. He holds the business responsible and claims it failed to eliminate the hazard and also failed to provide appropriate warning about the dangerous condition. The plaintiff seeks compensation in excess of $50,000 along with court costs and fees.

Business owners are required to provide the appropriate warning if wet floors are present. Thousands of people across America are injured every year in slip-and-fall accidents. Those in Hawaii who suffer injuries due to the negligence of property and/or business owners have grounds to file a premises liability lawsuit. A successfully litigated lawsuit could result in financial relief to help victims recover from an experience such as this.

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